Guitar Lesson One  Playing rock chords (using whole notes)

Introducing the chord of A5

Chord of A5

Playing the chord of A5. Chord of A5

An ‘X‘ above a guitar string denotes a string that is not struck with the right hand. ‘5fr’ means that the first [horizontal] line in the box is the fifth fret. Accordingly, ‘3fr’ is the third fret, etc.

Now we have gone through some of the essentials let us get playing. Using your fretting hand press fingers one (1) and three (3) down on the strings as shown in the chord box below.

This is the chord of A5, so make sure your first finger is on fret five on the sixth string and your third finger is on fret seven on the fifth string. Watch the second video file which shows how your right hand plays the sixth and fifth strings.

Video 2. Striking strings 6 and 5

Video Transcript

Now play the chord of A5. You will see how we strike strings six and five simultaneously with the plectrum, with an even weight. Make sure that both strings can be heard clearly without buzzing or rattling.

Now watch Video 3 and compare to the sound you are creating.

Video 3. Playing the chord of A5

Video Transcript

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