EGS Lesson One  Playing rock chords (using whole notes)

Co-ordination between your hands

When changing between chords, ensure that the fretting hand arrives on the new chord at precisely the moment the plectrum strikes the strings on the first beat of the new bar. Enough time must be allowed for the fretting hand to reach the new chord as well to ensure the new chord is played on the first beat of the next bar.

Use the multimedia files to help you understand what you have to do in this exercise. When you play along with the play-along files you can change the tempo and cycle the exercise round and round. You can also mute the guitar track and replace the guitarist, so that you play exclusively with the band.

You will hear four clicks to introduce the track, then play along playing chords each bar. Make sure you count to four, so that you know when to change chords.

Exercise 1

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