Guitar Lesson One  Playing rock chords (using whole notes)

Repeat signs

The purpose of repeat signs are to save the composer writing out repetitive patterns unnecessarily.

A repeat section is denoted by a beginning repeat mark and an end repeat mark. The music in between is simply repeated as many times as is noted. Our first MIDI file exercise is an example of the use of repeat signs to show that the music needs to be played twice.

A repeat mark is made up of two lines and two dots. One set of lines and dots marks the beginning of where to repeat and another set of lines and dots where the repeat ends.

Beginning and end repeat signs.

Beginning of the repeat

From here you go to the end of the section, and then return to here and play through the repeat section again. The number of times you repeat is normally clearly marked. In our exercises there are no limits to the repeats, so you keep repeating until you are comfortable.

End of the repeat

Go from the end repeat mark back to the beginning of the section and play again all the bars, from the beginning repeat mark, back to here.

From now on repeat signs will be used in all exercises where repeats are required. This is intended to get you used to seeing these markings.

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